If you're interested in a career in film in any capacity (filmmaker, writer, director, actor, etc.) you need to be watching films... all films. Watch stuff you'd never watch. Watch good films. Watch bad films. Watch old films (and by "old" I don't just mean films from the 70s and 80s. I mean films from the early days of film). Watch the film that your friends tell you is "unwatchable". Watch everything you can with a critical eye. I recommend watching a film first just for enjoyment and then watching it a second time and really studying the craft. To help you get started, here is a list of films I recommend. Check back often as I am always updating this list. Oh, and be sure to watch the DVD extras to see exactly how the filmmakers work. 

This is a list for those interested in acting. There are great resources here for you whether you are a local community theatre actor looking to win more auditions or an actor planning on heading to NYC, LA or Chicago to jump into the profession. Check back often as I am always updating this list.

This is a not-at-all complete list for those interested in the art and craft of filmmaking. There is so much information out there but this represents what I consider to be some of the best resources available for you as you prepare to make your first film. Check back often as I am always updating this list as well. (I recommend that you check out the Recommended Film Viewing List as well.)

This is a list of recommended on-line resources for the actor and the filmmaker. I try to update this list as often as possible. Please check back. 

Great stuff - Free information for filmmakers

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